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- The YOURFIT PROGRAMS® Platform is a Portuguese brand, holder of NIPC 514 071 079 with headquarters at Rua Visconde Gemunde, nº.671 – 4760-392 Vila Nova de Famalicão.
- The General Conditions of Use of YOURFIT® VIRTUAL Platform, regulate the access and use of its contents, whereby the User of the Platform agrees to be subject to these General Conditions of Use. Any of the features made available on the Virtual Platform Classes YOURFIT® VIRTUAL.
- The user must carefully read these General Conditions of Use before browsing the Platform.
- All the contents of the YOURFIT® VIRTUAL Virtual Platform Classes, as well as these general terms and conditions of use, may be changed, with the user providing information on these terms and conditions.


- Before engaging in physical exercise, the User must ensure that he is not suffering from any disease, restriction or limitation that is a contraindication to the practice of exercise and its specificities, and YOURFIT PROGRAMS® shall not be held liable for any eventual damages. resulting from the practice of physical activity resulting from their health status.


- YOURFIT PROGRAMS® holds all rights to use YOURFIT® VIRTUAL.
- In this way, it is strictly forbidden to make copyright without the written authorization of YOURFIT PROGRAMS®.

- The partial and/or total reproduction of these videos by any means of procedure, copying, altering, selling or use understood as reprography, computer processing and the distribution of copies, rental or public loan is also prohibited.

- Failure to comply with this rule will be subject to sanctions established by law.


- To enjoy the “YOUR BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!” through YOURFIT® VIRTUAL, you only have to register at (client area), you will be subject to registration of the data necessary for the creation of the user, further requesting the indication of email, password and other necessary data for invoicing the contracted service, and the User is responsible for ensuring its security.
- After registering on YOURFIT® VIRTUAL, the user accepts all the conditions, pledging to comply with the proper and legal use of the content provided.
- Illegal use, regardless of form, or content will make the user incur liabilities under current law.
- In the event of misuse or tampering as mentioned above, YOURFIT PROGRAMS®, ​​holder of YOURFIT® VIRTUAL, reserves the right, without prior notice, to delete the User's account that adopts abusive, illegal or any other behavior contrary to the principles of using YOURFIT® VIRTUAL.

YOURFIT® VIRTUAL does not assume any liability arising from:

- Interruption or suspension of the availability of contents on YOURFIT® VIRTUAL for reasons beyond their control;

- Security or navigation failures caused by browser malfunctions;

- Illegitimate access through the use of malignant systems and/or through any means of communication.

- Other matters depending on the use of the specific and acceptable features of your reading device...


- Personal Data are treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the homepage of YOURFIT® VIRTUAL.
YOURFIT® VIRTUAL uses cookies, in compliance with the Cookies Policy available on the homepage.


- All purchases made in the contents of YOURFIT® VIRTUAL must be paid through the payment methods available at the time: Credit Card, Paypal, bank transfer, or others presented for this purpose. It will always be subject to the user's choice.

- Payment can be made monthly or annually, depending on the type of service contracted.

- In the case of annual payment, the user receives a 2 month offer.

- To use YOURFIT® VIRTUAL, the user must subscribe to the plan currently available.

- You can activate the 30-day trial period on the website by subscribing to it and making payment details.

- The 30-day trial period OFFER can be extended for another 30 days, this option will be made when the service is contracted by the user.

- After the acceptance of the 2nd trial period, the service is automatically contracted, starting the payment automatically in the following month, and the contracted service is charged.

- YOURFIT® VIRTUAL will not withdraw any value until the end of the trial period. If you choose not to purchase the service, you will have to cancel at YOURFIT® VIRTUAL.

- If the User proceeds with the purchase of the required service, after the 30 days trial, the amount referring to the contracted plan will be charged.

- After registering and subscribing to YOURFIT® VIRTUAL, the User can begin to enjoy it and its contents.

- Under no circumstances will the User be refunded any amount paid through YOURFIT® VIRTUAL for the acquisition of the available content, “except for system errors”.


- If you have questions, suggestions, complaints or issues related to technical support, please contact us via email:


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