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- Updates YOURFIT® Programs are for renew knowledge every 3 months (Updates), with new training, new music, new experience.
- YOURFIT PROGRAMS® family meets through an event specially developed to renew knowledge and foster team spirit, in a MAGIC environment.
- YOURFIT® UPDATES are elements of continuous training that will enhance your technical skills, aiming at your degree of excellence, and thus provide your customers " THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF FITNESS".
- Composed of a MasterClass for each YOURFIT PROGRAMS®, you will enjoy all the news from each of the Programs.
- The perfect formula for “OVER-THE-TOP” results.
- These “Updates” are one of the factors responsible for the proven level of attendance and retention of members in the Clubs in which they are implemented.
- Continuous training is an essential factor of YOURFIT PROGRAMS®, with a strict system of certification of instructors.
- More than 3.000 certified instructors in the world.
- We make people happy by promoting the "Best Fitness Experiences", so our recycling is open to the general public.


How can I guarantee my participation in YOURFIT® UPDATES?

- I am YOURFIT® Instructor, how can I register to participate in YOURFIT® UPDATES?
Through the form provided in the UPDATES area, choosing the option YOURFIT® Instructor, identifying yourself with your instructor number.

- I am an instructor and I want to take guests, (customers, friends, family) can I?
Yes, YOURFIT® UPDATES are open to the general public, we intend to promote the "Best Fitness Experiences" to all FITNESS lovers.

- I am a Student and I want to participate in YOURFIT® UPDATES, can I (what to do)?
Through the registration form you can guarantee your participation by choosing the "Student" option.

- I am a relative of an Instructor / participant, can I participate?
Yes, our family is made up of instructors, students, friends, and family. Through the registration form you can guarantee your participation by choosing the "Student" option.


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