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About Us!

The YOURFIT PROGRAMS® brand is a project born from the passion for physical activity, promoting a healthy life and a sustainable planet with happier people.

The goal is to bring to the well-known fitness market, to all clubs the best experiences for group classes lovers, creating and promoting daily magic; making each class, each moment unique and thus increasing the expected results, that is, healthy body and mind.

Our project consists of a group of professionals 100% involved in physical activity.
Our greatest advantage is the vast training and extensive experience in the fitness sector.
We have a passion for sport (fitness), promoted in group classes to the sound of the best songs, with the best movements and of course the best Instructors.


“We are passionate about the world of Fitness!
 Our commitment is to share that passion with the world."
 António Teixeira, Co-Founder & CEO


The experience!

Magic in fitness !! We create positive experiences through physical exercise, making the human body move, creating emotions, joy, passion and lots of fun.
We are focused on guaranteeing and making available to your authorized YOURFIT PROGRAMS® - instructor / clubs a wide variety of tools and resources guaranteed success with excellence.

We have the best musics, the best movements and the best instructors! These 3 factors will influence your performance as an Instructor, customer and practitioner of group classes, promoting you the best fitness classes. THE BEST FITNESS EXPERIENCE!


As said by writer "Henry Miller"
If you call your difficulties experiences and remember that each experience helps you to mature, you will grow vigorous and happy, no matter how adverse the circumstances seem.



Benefits for Clubs!
- We are the creators of the most competitive training programs on the fitness market, starting at €29.90/month.
- 9 programs available will ensure an excellent service guaranteeing results in your level of invoicing and retention!
- You can choose membership: STANDARD - (up to 3 programs), GOLD - (up to 6 programs), and PREMIUM - (up to 9 programs).
- The annual membership fee can be converted into training, thus guaranteeing the initial training of your Instructors.
- Programs with scientific studies, increase your customer's confidence!
- Qualification of instructors by levels, to improve performance in the results of your customer's experience!
- YOURFIT® Network, your club will receive an "AUTHORIZED CLUB" badge and will be part of our YOURFIT PROGRAMS® network!
- YOURFIT® APP! This APP will guarantee the presentation of your club and your team, news and promotions, available programs and schedule, advance reservations, customer routine control, ScordCard consultations, Virtual Classes GYM&HOME and much more...
- YOURFIT® GYM Virtual Classes! Through this service you will be able to present virtual classes in your club!
- Access to the YOURFIT® online platform, guaranteeing promotional material, logos, templates, videos, advertising cards, among others…
- Support in your Events with Marketing support, equipment and YOURFIT PROGRAMS® Trainers!

Benefits for Instructors!
- We are the creators of the most energetic, fun and magical training programs on the fitness market.
- We have 9 Programs that will guarantee the best fitness experience for your clients, achieving results and increasing your success!
- Subscription to YOURFIT® programs starts at €17.90/month.
- Initial training guaranteeing quality tools, and attributing the status of "YOURFIT® Instructor".
- Continuous training "Updates", provided every 3 months, at no cost to the instructors.
- Training available in face-to-face, online and e-learning formats!
- The certified Instructor is authorized to teach classes in any YOURFIT® club, worldwide.
- Programs with scientific studies, increase your customer's confidence, ensure your success and achieve results!
- YOURFIT® Network,  the Instructor will be part of our consultation network as a certified/authorized YOURFIT PROGRAMS® Instructor!
- Access to the YOURFIT® online platform, which guarantees access to educational and promotional material, among others…
- Support in your Events with Marketing support, equipment and YOURFIT PROGRAMS® Trainers!

Meet the best team in the world!
Our Trainers are available to help you whenever you need!

We create emotions, we share joy, we arouse passion,
lots of fun and we spread magic!
Come and be part of our family!

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